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Foundation issues are a common problem in Kansas and Missouri due to the soil conditions in the area.

This map shows the soil composition in Missouri.

This map shows the soil composition in Kansas.

The soil in these states is primarily made up of clay and can be expansive, meaning it can absorb moisture and then shrink as it dries, causing changes in the soil structure and potentially leading to foundation problems. This can result in cracking and settling of foundations, causing structural damage to homes and buildings.  

Another factor contributing to foundation issues in Kansas and Missouri is the frequent presence of severe weather patterns, including heavy rain and severe droughts. These weather events can cause the soil to become saturated, leading to increased pressure on foundations, or to become extremely dry, causing the soil to shrink and resulting in settling and cracking.  

Additionally, the location of these states near the boundary of two tectonic plates can also result in soil instability and contribute to foundation problems. Earthquakes and other seismic activity can cause the soil to shift and settle, leading to foundation damage.  

And lastly, older homes and buildings in Kansas and Missouri may have been constructed with inadequate foundation support, making them more susceptible to foundation issues over time. In addition, some homes may have been built on sloped or poorly compacted soil, which can also contribute to foundation problems.  

Sooo, with all that being said, it’s really important for homeowners to be aware of these potential issues and to have regular inspections to ensure their homes are properly maintained and protected from foundation damage.   We do free inspections every day – call us to come your way and we’ll be out in a jiffy!

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