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Typical Foundations and Footings Explained

Home foundation

A home’s foundation is the lower part of the structure that supports the weight of the building and transfers it to the ground. The foundation consists of footings, which are typically made of concrete and extend below the frost line to provide stability and prevent settling. The size and depth of the footings depend on […]

You Asked: Should I Buy a Home with Known Foundation Issues?

home with foundation issues

If you are interested in buying a home with foundation issues, here are some steps you can follow: Hire a professional inspector to thoroughly inspect the property, paying close attention to the foundation and any associated structural issues. Obtain a written estimate from a licensed contractor to determine the cost of repairing the foundation. Negotiate […]

Why are Foundation Issues so Common in KS & MO?


Foundation issues are a common problem in Kansas and Missouri due to the soil conditions in the area. This map shows the soil composition in Missouri. This map shows the soil composition in Kansas. The soil in these states is primarily made up of clay and can be expansive, meaning it can absorb moisture and […]

Why Foundation Repair is Necessary

Home foundation

Foundation repair is a critical process that homeowners should consider if they experience problems with the stability and structure of their homes. A home’s foundation is the foundation upon which everything else is built, and it is crucial that it remains solid and secure. If you are considering foundation repair or have noticed any issues […]