Footing Lifters

What is Footing Lifters?

Footing Lifters guarantees to raise your failed footing back to the original footing elevation…Guaranteed! 

We lift any footing; residential, commercial, and other structures.  If it has a footing, we WILL lift it.

Footings & Foundations

Foundation footings are an essential element in the construction of any building or structure. They are typically the first part of a building’s foundation to be laid, providing a stable and level base for the rest of the structure. Foundation footings are designed to distribute the weight of the building evenly across the ground, helping to prevent settlement, sinking, or other types of structural damage. Properly installed footings are critical to the stability and safety of any building, ensuring that it remains standing for years to come. Whether constructing a small shed or a towering skyscraper, the importance of foundation footings cannot be overstated.

The Footing Lifters Methodology

Our foundation piers are mega support structures designed to reinforce and stabilize a building’s foundation. Our process is to dig down to the footing level and then install our reinforced steel plates, we then slowly raise the footing back to its correct level elevation, thus eliminating any cracks.  Then we encase it with our high-strength concrete to further stabilize your home. 

The piers are attached to the foundation, transferring the weight of the building from the unstable soil to the strong, stable earth below. Foundation piers are commonly used to correct issues such as settling, shifting, and cracking in a building’s foundation. They are made of durable materials, such as steel or concrete, to ensure long-lasting stability and support. Installing foundation piers can give homeowners peace of mind and protect their investment by ensuring the structural integrity of their home for years to come.



Excavating down to the footing level is the key to our success.

Lifted Footings

We lift footings to make sections of walls and footings level with any surface.

Sound Engineering

Our steel piering system is like no other, we can lift any structure.